1. aug, 2022

NRK avd Gjøvik - Lillehammer 31/7-22

Nat. Breedshow NRK avd Gjøvik og Lillehammer 31/7-22.
Judge: breed specialist Line Andersen, kennel Hermiroz, No.

In the total of 6 dogs entered from our little kennel they were all placed in their respective classes. All with excellent and also 4 with CK.
Märtha was so happy to be back in the ring so she showed her way all up to BIS Veteran.

Benti and Stefaan had traveled all the way from Belgium and it was so nice to see them both again. I was not able too steal him back, even tho I tried, and he is now on his way back home.
He did well in the ring with Jon André and was placed as number 3 with a lovely report. Now he needs time in the “greenhouse” to grow into his body. Thank you so much for taking the long drive ❤️

This weekend was a long needed break and it was well spent with the best of friends.
Thanks to all of you and especially Ingun who is the best keeping everything on track behind the scene and also in the ring with both Iver and Thyra 🌹
Beathe, Sølvi, Kathrine, no words needed 🌹🌹🌹

And a very special congratulations to Amalie Eyde Olsen who really showed herself as a very talented young handler and went all inn with Sia in the Children and dog competition and was placed as a very well deserved number 1!

🌟NORD UCH NLCH AMSW-16 Kalexas Carrera “Märtha”
Excellent, 1 VETK, CK, 4 BTK, BIS Veteran.

🌟NUCH DKUCH Kalexas Balmoral Castle “Magnus”
Excellent, 3 CHK, CK

🌟Kalexas Bentley Brooklands “Benti
Excellent, 3 JKK.
Owners Stefaan De Vriese and Nancy Vercruysse, Belgium.

🌟NBSCH SVCH NV(F)CH RL-I Kalexas Loch Fender “Iver”
Excellent, 3 AKK.
Owner Ingun Nesfeldt.

🌟NBSCH RL-I RL-II RL-III Kalexas Loch Fern “Lizzie”
Excellent, 3AKK, CK
Owner Sølvi Eyde Olsen.

🌟Kalexas Glamis Castle “Thyra”
Excellent, 4AKK, CK.